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What’s the subject?

commissioner wanted me to sketch out a few characters from various shows in a certain pose. hardest part is getting the pose right :U

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gracekitty Asked: How is the art going?

pretty good! still working on this commish that needs to be finished

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Plot twist: My followers suddenly start to get really interested in me and ask me questions.
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A full minute of it. Enjoy.

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Gemsona Week (Day 5): Gem Room

This was for yesterday but I forgot to do it :U

Tourmaline’s door leads to a pink grassy field. Their actual room is a make shift tent made out of surrounding pink trees and quilts. Inside contains a bookshelf, their art supplies, and a pile of pillows and blankets that make up their bed.

Oh my gosh is this who I think it is as a centaur? ajksdjkdf <3

yes it is :U

It’s centaur day



praise the hand vein gods

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